Being Catholic Today

A Catholic is many things:

Is a Christian that believe in the Triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit

  •  Believes in God, our loving Father. This loving Father has made us brothers and sisters, his very own children through Jesus, his Son.  We become one with Jesus in Baptism.
  • Believes in Jesus, the God-Man, given to humanity as the ultimate gift of love by God, the Father.
  • Believes in the Holy Spirit and the Spirit’s powerful presence in each member of the Christian family and in the church and in the world.
  •  Attempts to live Jesus’ teaching in our life: loving God above all things; loving neighbor as oneself; forgiving enemies; extending special care to the poor, lonely, and the outcast.
  •  Is committed to work for peace and justice for all.
  •  Commemorates the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ by living a sacramental life. Values the Eucharist as a special sign of God’s nourishing love, a way to meet the living Lord Jesus and to become what we received, nothing less than the Body of Christ. A Catholic is called to participate fully in the Eucharistic celebration every week.
  • Makes time to develop a prayer life because prayer leads to a more intimate friendship with the Lord.
  •  Values and reads the Bible, the Word of God, and is challenged to authentically understand what it is we read.
  •  Recognizes the role of proper authority in the church so that the Church may remain in union with the Bishop of Rome and with Catholics throughout the world.
  •  Serves others by imitating Jesus who washed the feet of his disciples and commanded us to do the same.
  • Proclaims the Lord’s gospel by consciously living what the Gospel calls us to, not by words but by action.
  • Is devoted to Mary – the Mother of God and the Mother of the Church – and admires the saints as models of how to live the Christian life.
  • A Catholic is all of the above and much, much more.
  • But above all else, Catholics belong to Jesus Christ, his church, and to the world to which they come to proclaim in word and deed the good news of our gracious, loving Father.